Quit! Me?! Yes you’ve read it!

Well, I would like to quit a lot of stuff but here’s one that been on my mind for a while now!

But basically for my own perspective, health benefit and as a school assignment I decided to go semi-vegetarian.

So this basically means i consume less meat then the average person does. In 3 to 4 weeks I will do another body composition test too see differences. Also changed up my training routine.

Were you curious about my full body workout day 1?

Here it is!


Weight used at 55% of 1 RM

Everything 3 sets of max 10 reps

set 1:

chest – bench press

back – wide grip pull up – body weight

set 2:

shoulders – behind the neck presses

abs – hanging leg raise bodyweight

abs side – twist hanging bodyweight

set 3:

bicep – curl bar 7/7/7

tricep – dips bodyweight

set 4:

legs – Squat!

calves – Calf raises!

Watch the video (again)??