A little article from the heart

A little article from the heart.

The last few weeks/months I’ve been hell a busy (and I want to do even more)

for years I talked about enterprising since half a year I decided to make it all official

So a lot of people now know I coach people when it comes to food and fitness.

All based on my own knowledge and knowledge yet to come.

Through the years I’ve had experiences with certain people in general.

The type of people who don’t agree on what you do.

The people who always know best.

Then there’s the people that’ll give you their piece of mind without asking for it.

Sometimes (usually) they’re the ones who don’t do anything of their own.

So here’s what I have to say to those people.

I’m sorry for you!

I’m sorry for the fact that your find my ‘’pricing’’ to high.

Yet I’m the one who’s done the research in my are and competition and im still a bit under average.

I’m sorry for the fact your english isn’t the best.

Yet I have a broad vision. I want what i do and i know to be available for everyone.

And now a days pretty much everyone knows a little bit of english.

I’m sorry for the fact that my business idea sucks.

Yet in the first few weeks I’ve had a lot of requests and people are interested.

I’m sorry for the fact that I don’t do what you do.

Yet I do what I do for my own reasons and not yours.

So here’s my final sorry.

I’m sorry for you. For being a pessimist, negative or having a life on your own.

And for the final positive note…

If you feel this might be addressed to you? Maybe you have something to think about.

Make a positive switch, change your game, follow what you love.

Want to start your own company? DO IT!

Want to get in shape at whatever age? DO IT!

Find your WAY! #CreatingBetterHabits

  • Stefano Boelen