update !


Today on the 15th of august 2017, I sit here at 7:28 in the morning writing this.

For the past few days I have regained motivation and vision for the path to pursue again.

For the past 3 months I havent paid a single visit to the gym (even cancelled my subscription) and didn’t watch my macro’s.

All I did was work, yeah! News flash I got a full time job in hospitality. So you’re wondering al that happened?


In my private life a LOT! And not in a positive way. Don’t want to go into that too deep. But not to leave you empty handed. I was not positive. I shed a lot of tears, and still feel negative about it. Business wise I got a full time job which took a lot of my time. Trying to combine it with the private issues. But the hard work paid of. Starting september 1st I will open up my own little space for this company I work for. Also I picked myself up with the help from people around me. So also september 1st I have something cool coming up, which hopefully will lead to much more…

Stay tuned, peek a boo every once in a while,

I’m off to work!