About me, Stefano Boelen?!

My background is very simple at the age of 16 I started working out. I sucked at basketball and was one of the skinnier guys. Looking at action movies such as ”the fast and the furious” seeing muscular male role models made me want to change.

So… that’s where I started to get into fitness which later developed into bodybuilding. Through out those first year I’ve done everything by myself. Read articles in magazines, read about workouts and all that. So due to my own experiences I know all of your possible struggles and how to tackle them.

Right now I am a student in food, nutrition and dietetics at The Hague University. And decided to help you reach your goals! And just to see where this adventure will take all of us.

Have fun on my website and more, Let’s Create Better Habits!

– Stefano Boelen (17-02-2017)






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