How much protein can our body handle

how much protein can our body handle

How much protein can our body handle

I get this question a lot. How much protein can our body handle? Well this is different to each and every other person. There is however a large guideline which will pretty much work for everyone.

So the past days a saddening message has spread around globally of the death of a female bodybuilder which unfortunately lost her life due to protein and a rare condition called Ureum Cycle Disorder (UCD).

I would like to share my own view on protein, what I’ve learned in the past few years and questions i frequently get/got.

In the first lines I talk about that protein reacts different to each and every other person. TRUE! Why? Protein synthesis is influenced by many factors. As an example if something in your body does not function in the right way… think of stomach related issues (stomach acid) Because the first percentage (about 15%) of protein gets broken down here by enzymes called pepsins. Then we move to the small intestine where the rest of the protein breaks down. So if your have problems with your intestines it could be another issue.

In the small intestine the enzymes from the pancreas (proteases) break down the peptides

into individual amino acids that are then absorbed, some of them will be carried by carrier proteins.

Here come’s the part which not a lot of people don’t know. Excessive protein or a surplus on protein which the body does not consume will be broken down and excreted (ureum).

With the consumption of protein, nitrogen comes with it. Nitrogen comes naturally with the protein, consume it in a normale ratio, not a single problem. However when you’re on a high protein diet you need to be a bit more careful. To much nitrogen puts your kidneys into overdrive and can cause intoxication and harm to your kidneys. Don’t worry too much, im talking about long periods of time!

I’ve read multiple articles and experiences about these topics. Some have had serious issues. Others have had none. Consume lots of water as well. Your kidneys like it and it will benefits you in lots of ways not only in protein consumption.

Then what it the right way? According to Food scientist Doug Paddon-Jones from the University of Texas Medical Branch protein synthesis is maxed out consuming 25 to 35 grams of high quality protein per meal. So quick little check, say you need to consume 2500 Kcal a day. Divide that in a 50 – 30 – 20 split which is pretty average and neutral. 750 kcal in protein which is 187,5 gram of protein per day. 187,5 divided by 25 (grams per meal) = 7,5 meals per day. Do the same with the 35 grams… 5,6 meals a day which basically comes down to 5 or 6 meals a day.

here some examples to put it in an perspective:

chicken filet 150 gram = 34,5 gram of protein

cottage cheese (3,9% fat) 250 gram = 30,8 gram of protein

greek yoghurt (2% fat) 250 gram = 25,0 gram of protein

Almond nuts 150 gram = 31,7 gram of protein

If you have any questions or something to add of value related to this article feel free to send me an e-mail at

once again, this article is based on my own personal experiences and personal research.

Tip/advice: If you have any doubts about your personal health, protein intake, nitrogen levels and such, make sure to visit your doctor or visit a specialist.

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update !


Today on the 15th of august 2017, I sit here at 7:28 in the morning writing this.

For the past few days I have regained motivation and vision for the path to pursue again.

For the past 3 months I havent paid a single visit to the gym (even cancelled my subscription) and didn’t watch my macro’s.

All I did was work, yeah! News flash I got a full time job in hospitality. So you’re wondering al that happened?


In my private life a LOT! And not in a positive way. Don’t want to go into that too deep. But not to leave you empty handed. I was not positive. I shed a lot of tears, and still feel negative about it. Business wise I got a full time job which took a lot of my time. Trying to combine it with the private issues. But the hard work paid of. Starting september 1st I will open up my own little space for this company I work for. Also I picked myself up with the help from people around me. So also september 1st I have something cool coming up, which hopefully will lead to much more…

Stay tuned, peek a boo every once in a while,

I’m off to work!


What does protein do

what does protein do

What does protein do ?

what does protein do ? A question people ask me frequently. Before telling you what protein do here’s what you need to keep in mind!

what are protein?

Proteins are large bio or macromolecules which consist of one or more long chains amino acid residues. Now we can go deeper into this talking about polypeptides and stuff. But for this article let’s stick to the main question.

What does it do?

We’ve all seen people take their protein shakes, heard the advice: ‘’If you want to grow you need to take your protein’’.

Well protein helps but that’s not all it does. It helps with DNA replication, transports molecules from one to another and some more. Also in the essence to keep it simple protein are essential for building, maintenance, and repair of our body fibres such as our skin, organs and muscles.

So if you want to grow you should eat your protein, TRUE! However the stimulant and shock of muscle should be in relation to your protein intake.

to keep in mind:

  • average person (non athlete) need 0,8 grams per KG of body weight (example: 80KG = 64 gram of protein required)
  • Too much protein will cause weight gain… not always in muscle!
  • Excessive intake of protein can be harmful

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A little article from the heart

A little article from the heart.

The last few weeks/months I’ve been hell a busy (and I want to do even more)

for years I talked about enterprising since half a year I decided to make it all official

So a lot of people now know I coach people when it comes to food and fitness.

All based on my own knowledge and knowledge yet to come.

Through the years I’ve had experiences with certain people in general.

The type of people who don’t agree on what you do.

The people who always know best.

Then there’s the people that’ll give you their piece of mind without asking for it.

Sometimes (usually) they’re the ones who don’t do anything of their own.

So here’s what I have to say to those people.

I’m sorry for you!

I’m sorry for the fact that your find my ‘’pricing’’ to high.

Yet I’m the one who’s done the research in my are and competition and im still a bit under average.

I’m sorry for the fact your english isn’t the best.

Yet I have a broad vision. I want what i do and i know to be available for everyone.

And now a days pretty much everyone knows a little bit of english.

I’m sorry for the fact that my business idea sucks.

Yet in the first few weeks I’ve had a lot of requests and people are interested.

I’m sorry for the fact that I don’t do what you do.

Yet I do what I do for my own reasons and not yours.

So here’s my final sorry.

I’m sorry for you. For being a pessimist, negative or having a life on your own.

And for the final positive note…

If you feel this might be addressed to you? Maybe you have something to think about.

Make a positive switch, change your game, follow what you love.

Want to start your own company? DO IT!

Want to get in shape at whatever age? DO IT!

Find your WAY! #CreatingBetterHabits

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Quit! Me?! Yes you’ve read it!

Well, I would like to quit a lot of stuff but here’s one that been on my mind for a while now!

But basically for my own perspective, health benefit and as a school assignment I decided to go semi-vegetarian.

So this basically means i consume less meat then the average person does. In 3 to 4 weeks I will do another body composition test too see differences. Also changed up my training routine.

Were you curious about my full body workout day 1?

Here it is!


Weight used at 55% of 1 RM

Everything 3 sets of max 10 reps

set 1:

chest – bench press

back – wide grip pull up – body weight

set 2:

shoulders – behind the neck presses

abs – hanging leg raise bodyweight

abs side – twist hanging bodyweight

set 3:

bicep – curl bar 7/7/7

tricep – dips bodyweight

set 4:

legs – Squat!

calves – Calf raises!

Watch the video (again)??


How to lose weight and a pull workout!

losing body weight

So! There it is! A very first fresh post to my website…

I decided to record a little vlog today!

I’m tired of all the ‘diets’ in this world… As a student in food, nutrition and dietetics its fair to say that i’ve learned one thing so far… lowering caloric intake will reduce weight!

So there’s what this little video is all about!

Next video will either be a day in the life vlog…

or something like ” (number) things to do for losing weight”.

Anyways, curious about the vlog?

Check it here!